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​More Sony Summer Savings

​More Sony Summer Savings

Posted by TV Group Community Team on 23rd Jul 2021

More Sony Summer Savings

At TV Group, it’s starting to be our favorite triple threat; Sony, Summer and Savings. Last month we brought you the next gen TVs for next Gen gaming with Sony Bravia XR™ televisions that came with a £50 PlayStaion Store voucher. Well, this month from the 14th July to 3rd August, we’re giving you the opportunity to get three of these incredible TVs, that are on the bleeding edge of Smart TV technology, at £100 off the TV Group price (which is already £200-£300 off RRP). What’s more, you’ll still get that £50 PlayStartion Store voucher when you purchase the three selected Sony Bravia XR™ televisions.

Here, we’re going to focus on one TV in particular we in the TV Group community team just love.


Where do we begin with this leviathan of a TV? While it is not the absolute largest television it is 77 inches of cutting-edge technology that is designed to fit in seamlessly with your existing home furniture, décor and Google personal assistant. While here in the TV Group community team we could sing all day about the frankly astounding hardware and software in this machine, we are going to start off with three comparatively simple features of the television that we love.

Firstly, the 3-way multi-position stand allows this TV to be adjusted to fit your existing shelf space, so there’s no more precarious TV legs hanging over the edge of your TV unit just begging for the dog to give you a hefty repair bill (but just in case the TV cannot more out of harm’s way, we offer a 5-year warranty).

Secondly, the living décor feature of this TV allows what is already a focal point of your living space to display artwork, themes clock functions and personal photos. We watch a lot of TVs here and though it may seem counter intuitive for us to advocate some TV free time, that doesn’t mean we don’t think it’s great to have a selection of the world’s greatest artwork playing in the background on one of the world’s best domestic televisions!

Thirdly, as a Google TV this Sony has the capability to stream 700,000+ movies and TV episodes from across your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+. More than that though, it can integrate with you Google assistant.

Now, onto that insane technology we were talking about earlier. Starting with what you want to get right with a tv – the image. The XR™ Picture allows you to enjoy breathtaking OLED contrast which makes images feel natural and real. Running on their revolutionary processor, the XR™ Picture uses human perspective to cross analise and optimise hundreds of thousands of elements in a blink of an eye for seamless transitions from lifelike pictures to the ultimate blackest pure blacks.

Sound should target and encapsulate you for true emersion and this TV uses key features to make you fell like you’re in the action. 3D Surround Upscaling uses angled sound waves to bounce off the room to imitate surround sound, all from one unit built into the TV. With Acoustic Auto Calibration, the TV itself will detect where I the room you are sitting and optimise the sound waves to hit you specifically, so you enjoy the same sound quality no matter where you are sitting. Acoustic Surface Audio+ means that certain sound elements come out of the centre of the screen. The purpose of this is to have some sound (dialogue in particular) have priority in your ear range, so no more whispering characters, and ear deafening explosions.

Learn more about this incredible TV here.