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Next Gen Sound for Next Gen Gaming

Next Gen Sound for Next Gen Gaming

Posted by TV Group Community Team on 18th Jun 2021

Get a free Sony HTG700 Soundbar and Subwoofer worth £299.99 when you purchase a Sony Bravia XR TV.

In last week's community update, we told you about how with every purchase of a Sony Bravia XR TV you would receive a £50 pound voucher to spend in the PlayStation Store. This week, we've gone one better. Now when you purchase a Sony Bravia XR TV, you will receive a Sony HTG700 Soundbar worth £299.99 completely free!

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Next Generation Sound

So, just what is next generation sound? Well, with the Sony HTG700, it means Sony's unique Vertical Surround Engine (VSE). The Vertical Surround Engine allows for sound to be enjoyed in the latest cinema audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. This feature bypasses the need for complicated and extravagant home speaker set ups with multiple surrounding room speakers. The HTG700, with the help of VSE, angles audio to bounce off walls before reaching you, making sounds seem as if they are coming from all around. This soundbar uses virtual technology to allow sound to match any room size or shape.

The HTG700 has 3.1 channel sound. What this means is that the sound bar itself has three speakers: left, right and middle. These three make up the "3" in "3.1" and are the number of channels (speakers to you and me) near or at ear level. The central speaker can be configured to "voice mode" which accentuates speech, so no more turning up the volume to hear lightly spoken dialogue only to be deafened by the apex of the score. The "0.1" in "3.1" stands for the wireless subwoofer, but more on that later. Again, the Vertical Surround Engine, drives the 3.1 channel sound of the HTG700 to almost 7.1.2 channel sound. That extra "0.0.2" is the simulated effect of an overhead speaker achieved by the bouncing of the audio via the Vertical Surround Engine.

Now, about that Subwoofer! Wireless and powerful, this beast will give you pure bass to provide the solid foundation of your gaming moments.