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Next Gen TVs for Next Gen Gaming

Next Gen TVs for Next Gen Gaming

Posted by TV Group Community Team on 11th Jun 2021

Get a £50 PlayStation Store voucher with every purchase of a Sony Bravia XR TV

The incredible capabilities of the Sony PlayStation 5 are only as good as the screen you witness them on. Well, Sony are here to let you push their next gen gaming hardware to the limit with their range of Sony Bravia XR TVs. These high-end smart televisions are no longer the small screens of old, they are the windows to the (exclusively found on PlayStation!) worlds of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and many more.

These worlds are now more accessible than ever when you buy a Sony Bravia XR TV, as with every purchase you will receive a £50 voucher to spend in the PlayStation Store.

Here in the TV Group Community Team, we’ve highlighted three TVs that we felt encapsulate the full capabilities of this incredible range.

Sony 85” BRAVIA XR Full Array LED 8KHDR Google TV

The most impressive TV in this range, the 85” Bravia XR comes with the XR Contrast Booster. Simply put, dark images are darker and brighter images are brighter as light output maintains precision balance. As with all Sony Bravia XRs, the 85” comes with the Cognitive Processor XR. An incredibly intuitive picture processor, it actually understands how we humans understand and process sound and visual data. Using that knowledge, the Cognitive Processor optimises immersion to a “true” state, making it perfect and, arguably, essential for true next gen gaming. Wide vistas portrayed in the newest open-world games will not only benefit from the large 85” screen size, but also from the X-Wide Angle. A feature which controls the backlight to allow perfect colour and light from all angles in any given room. An integrated subwoofer, two front facing speakers and two sound positioning tweeters make up the 85”’s Acoustic Multi-Audio. This built-in sound technology will trace your gaming movements and the on-screen action and make sure the audio follows it, building yet more immersion.

Learn more about this incredible TV here.


At 65”, this TV is more likely to fit in your common living room. With that said, this smaller (but by no means “small”) TV packs a very similar punch to its older sibling in the 85”. This is Sony’s best ever OLED TV as it comes with human cognitive technology and the power of XR OLED Contrast Pro. The aluminium lamination and temperature distribution mapping of this feature ensures that this OLED iteration is the brightest ever, something OLED TVs in the past have struggled to match LED screens on. Like all Bravia XRs, this 65” comes with the Cognitive Processor XR we mentioned above, for a truly immersive and human experience. Two subwoofers, one left and one right, give this television a powerful built-in bass sound for cinematic sound and massive scale in your home. As we all know, PlayStation games are works of art visually and audibly and if the XR OLED Contrast Pro covers the visuals, the Acoustic Surface Audio+ more than covers the sound.

Learn more about this amazing TV here.

Sony 50” BRAVIA XR Full Array LED 4K HDR Google TV

Though the smallest TV in the range (again, can 50” be considered “small”?), this TV – as with the 85” – comes with the XR Contrast Booster creating perfect 4K images tailor made for the human eye. It could be argued that this TV would suit competitive gaming more, with smaller eye movements necessary across a perfectly balanced 4K image.

Learn more about this astonishing TV here.

These Sony TVs are true giants of electronic entertainment and perhaps the only television built with the incredible PlayStation 5’s capabilities in mind. Shop the full range here.