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The Best of CES - Top Ten Tech-Aways from the Esteemed Annual Trade Show

The Best of CES - Top Ten Tech-Aways from the Esteemed Annual Trade Show

15th Jan 2021

Like 2020 as a whole, this year's Consumer Electronics Show was much different to its usual style. CES 21 was the first of its kind to be online-only in its 54-year history due to Covid-19. But that hasn't stopped the esteemed annual trade show from thrilling its (albeit virtual) audience with some of the most enthralling tech tidings ever seen before.

LG sets its sights on bringing comfort to the max with its own Transparent Smart Bed

LG have taken this year's CES by storm with its new and crazy-cool Transparent Smart Bed. Despite only being a vision for now, not only is the concept amazing, but so is the user experience. The television is one of LG's OLED's with an ideal size of 55 inches - the perfect fit for a king size bed. As well as being a top of the range television, LG's Ultra-Surround sound technology comes in handy here, meaning you won't have to hook up an external sound bar. Waking up in the morning has never felt so good...

Image Credit: LG

Say hello to Moflin: a super-cute AI pet that will learn to love you

CES never fails to amuse us, and this year is no exception. Vanguard Industries have announced that Moflin comes with built-in "emotional capabilities" and resembles the appearance of a fluffy grey guinea pig. But Moflin's most interesting feature is without a doubt its ability to learn to love its owners and friends back. Using a unique algorithm using integrated sensors, Vanguard Industries' adorable new AI pet can learn and grow to evaluate its surroundings. This lifelike feature means Moflin is almost like a real pet; its capability to express feelings through movements and charming animal-like sounds is both unbearably cute as well as highly innovative.

Lenovo's ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses

If you thought 3D technology was stagnating, it really isn't. Lenovo's A3 Smart Glasses have reenergised the industry in the space of a week. Labelled as "one of the most advanced and versatile" pieces of kit by the company, the future of the third-dimension looks prosperous; underpinned by the SmartGlasses' ability to show up to five virtual displays at once, all in stunning high definition. 

Image Credit: Lenovo

Sony dabbles in drone business

Despite being the smallest drone capable of carrying an Alpha camera, Sony's new and quite remarkable looking drone will be fitted with one of the best cameras in the industry - that's just how good Sony's gear really is. This kind of announcement is a photographer's dream; the model shown off at CES 2021 is a quadcopter design and features two landing gear extensions that retract upward during flight. It might be Sony's first efforts in the drone business, but by the look of this technology, the only place they're going is upwards. Quite literally.

Image Credit: Sony

LG unveils new "Rollable Phone"

First a Transparent Smart Bed, now a Rollable Phone? That's right. LG have never been one to shy away from the most audacious of tech teases in the past, but this is far from a tease - it's reality. Later this year, LG will release one of the most hyped pieces of kit ever revealed at CES. The design of the Rollable Phone works  perfectly by having a display that can expand from a traditional smartphone's size to appear somewhat tablet-like in size. The most magical thing about the unveiling was that there was no CGI involved at all - just pure technology.

TCL strides to expand its reach

TCL have a history of shying-away from the super-large TV market but appear to have changed their stance on this at CES 21. Welcome to the XL Collection - 85 inch models of each of its existing lines. This may be of a particular interest to gamers and streamers who want a big screen in their bedroom, and the reasonable price tag is a bonus. Alternatively, if you're wanting to turn your lounge into a home cinema for the family then the mini-LED powered 8K TCL TV with QLED wide colour technology might just be your new best friend...

Image Credit: TCL

Samsung looks to impress with its awesome audio range

Samsung have ramped up the pressure on other retailers' audio ranges with some contemporary new tech. The Korean electronics giant have revealed a new series of soundbars which come loaded with the latest and most innovative technology. Unlike traditional soundbar setups, Samsung have added a new dimension of acoustic capability; a side-firing channel is inserted onto the rear of the speaker, offering the opportunity to blast pure sound out from a different angle for you to enjoy that 90's box office movie or addictive new Netflix series. 

Image Credit: Samsung

Razer puts its trademark on face masks with Project Hazel

It was only a matter of time before face masks were tinkered with by Razer - but not just for the obvious reason. Nicknamed "Project Hazel", these smart masks don't just come injected with RGB capabilities; the mask comes fitted with a clear face-panel to ease socialisation for those who require lip reaping for assisted communication. Razer is currently in the process of patenting its 'Razer Voiceamp Technology', which prevents the mask from muffling users' voices and by using a built-in microphone to make your voice sound crystal clear. It's also waterproof and scratchproof. Back on the RGB front though - the colour of the lighting on the mask will indicate power levels: red meaning it's low, amber for average and green means you've got plenty of juice left in the tank!

Image Credit: Razer

Samsung goes smart with JetBot AI 90+ Robot Vacuum

We're living in a pretty smart world right now - take CES 21 as an example. Rollable Smart Phones, Smart Glasses, Smart Beds...and now a Smart Robot Vacuum! Although this year's CES saw numerous robot helpers make themselves known, Samsung's JetBot AI 90+ really stood out for us - in particular its competence, intelligence and ergonomic design. Like Intel's autonomous vehicles, the JetBot uses LiDAR sensors to to avoid fragile objects such as vases but gets up close to other objects which might need a little dusting, like toys, upholstery and electronic devices.

Image Credit: Samsung

Nvidia reveals RTX 3000 graphics cards are officially coming to laptops

Gaming enthusiasts rejoice! The rumours have finally been confirmed - Nvidia are releasing their mobile range of RTX 3000 series graphics cards. Fully equipped with the latest Ampere technology, this translates to better ray tracing and DLSS support, offering users better performance at ultra high resolutions with a minimal impact to graphics quality. Not only do these cards boast impressive specifications, but there's also a Whisper Mode 2.0 which is exclusive to the 3000 range. This gives gamers control over their laptop's cooling, offering users the freedom to switch between different fan modes depending on the need of their adrenaline-fueled gaming session.

Image Credit: Nvidia