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TV Group's Spring Bank Holiday Sale

TV Group's Spring Bank Holiday Sale

Posted by TV Group Community Team on 26th May 2021

It certainly doesn't feel like spring with the rain lashing around us here at our home in the heart of North Yorkshire, but this promo code will surely brighten your day.

From Thursday 27th May at 09:00 BST (yes, right now!) until Wednesday 2nd June 23:59 BST, use promo code SPRING10 to get 10% off ALL products on the TV Group website. That's 10% off SamsungLGPhillips and Sony televisions, as well as many more such as our in house KG TVs. You can also enjoy 10% of all TV accessories such as sound bars and wall brackets. So, if you have been putting off taking your home entertainment set up to the next level, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

The Big Winners

Aside from you, the customer, several of our high end products are enjoying large savings from this promotion. 


Samsung 65" QLED 8K Quantum HDR Smart TV

The Samsung 65" QLED 8K Quantum HDR Smart TV already enjoys a sizable £500 saving with us at TV Group. This 2020 television has true 8K resolution powered by Quantum HDR 2000 with HDR10+. The Quantum processor enables 8K AI upscaling as well as maintaining this TV's incredible features. Such features include, Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+) technology, which means that as you watch your favourite movies or shows the OTS+ software in your TV will track the action and match it with the movement of sound. For example, as the car chase pans from left to right across your 8K screen, so too will the audio match this panning.

Additionally, this incredible television has Direct Full Array backlight technology. This feature controls with complete precision the amount of light across the the whole screen. This means that the perfectly balanced contrast and vivid colours are maintained, even in rooms bathed in sunlight. Working in tandem with the Direct Full Array is the 100% colour volume. This ensures all the colours of the DCI-P3 (an RGB colour space used in the film industry) are expressed fully, no matter the environment brightness. Put simply, the 100% colour volume verification means that high dynamic range (HDR) images are viewed in the way that your Steven Spielbergs, Martin Scorceses and Christopher Nolans intended. It is genuine cinematic colour!

Great visuals and audio require great content to enjoy and this TVs TIZEN operating system (OS) houses the Smart TV capabilities you've come to expect. Stream your favourite shows from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and more. Implement your desired voice assistant, such as Bixby, Google and Alexa for true connectivity in your home. The SmartThings mobile app will also allow you to control your TV from your smartphone.  

This spring bank holiday, this amazing TV and true all in one entertainment centre piece will be a remarkable £1799.10 when you use promo code SPRING10.


LG 65" 4K-Ultra HD Smart HDR OLED TV

The LG 65" 4K-Ultra HD Smart HDR OLED TV is currently available at £1,798, a huge saving of £601. After this, using the code VOUCH100 will take off a further £100. However, this spring bank holiday, choose to instead use promo code SPRING10 to get this 4K Cinema HDR ready television for an astounding £1618.20, an incredible saving of £179.80 ON TOP of the initial £601 saving.

We're so excited about this deal and we feel you will be too when you learn about this LG TV's pixel dimming feature. Pixel dimming technology allows absolute precision in your picture as each pixel independently controls it's own brightness. This is in contrast to LCD/LED TVs in which all the pixels share one light source in the back light that permeates through a substance called liquid crystal. Practically, this means that if the screen were half black and half white, the OLED TV would instruct half the pixels to emit a white light and simply turn off the other half. With an LCD/LED TV however, the backlight for the whole screen (including the black half) would stay on and the liquid crystal would struggle to completely block out the backlight in the black half. Simply put, OLED televisions are capable of a perfect black that LCD/LED televisions are not.

Instead of requiring you to fiddle with contrast, brightness and other settings to perfectly optimise your movie night, this LG TV delivers Filmmaker mode: A mode that will actually disable video processing leaving your movie content to look as if it's being played in a theatre. Motion smoothing features are removed, putting an end to the "Soap Opera Effect" (a visual effect that is caused by displaying content at a higher refresh rate than the original source i.e. more "life-like"). Instead, the original frame rate is retained along with the original aspect ratio. All this serves to provide viewers with absolute authenticity when watching their favourite movies. Even older movies regain some of their analogue charm as noise reduction is turned off in order to recapture some of that film grain goodness.

The whole site...

Though we've isolated two products in this update that we think you'll absolutely love at these spring bank holiday 10% off prices, we want to remind you that this offer applies to the whole site. If you can find it on, you can get 10% off the price by using promo code SPRING10 at the checkout.

Not after a TV? 

Well, it just so happens our sister companies Appliance Group and Attuzzi are celebrating the spring bank holiday weekend in a similar vein. Shop for large appliances and white goods at and enter, yep you guessed it, SPRING10 at the checkout to get 10% off the price of all items. At Attuzzi, you can shop for small appliances and electrical goods also using SPRING10 at the checkout to get 10% off selected items.