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1. All delivery times are estimates only.

2. If we fail to deliver within a reasonable time, you may (by informing us in writing) cancel the contract, however:

3. You may not cancel if we receive your notice after the goods have been despatched; and

4. If you cancel the contract, you have no further claim against us under that contract

5. If you accept the delivery of the goods after the estimated delivery time, it will be on the basis that you have no claim against us for delay (including indirect or consequential loss)

6. We may deliver the goods in instalments. Each instalment is treated as a separate contract.

Delivery and safety

1. We may decline the delivery if:

2. We believe that it would be unsafe, unlawful or unreasonably difficult to do so; or the

3. Premises (or the access to them) are unsuitable for a vehicle.


1. The good are at your risk from the time of delivery.

2. Delivery takes place either:

3. At our premises (if you are collecting them or arranging carriage); or

4. At your premises (if we are arranging carriage).

5. You must inspect the goods on delivery. If any goods are damaged (or not delivered) you must tell us orally by the next working day after delivery (or the expected delivery time) and confirm in writing within ten working days. You must give us (and any carrier) a fair chance to inspect the damaged goods.